iettvBilkent University Library is pleased to announce the trial of database, available until 31 December 2017. database provides access to over 9,000 videos in engineering, technology and related subjects.



During the Spring Semester 2010-11, Bilkent University librarians collaborated with Masters of Fine Arts students from the departments of Graphic Design and of Communication and Design to write and record a series of five videos about library resources and procedures. The purpose of the videos, which were recorded in Turkish with English subtitles, is to present short yet entertaining dramas focusing on certain common problems or frequently asked questions faced by students when using the Library: such as, how to find a book or e-journal or searching the databases.



In each video, the librarian “character”, played by a real Bilkent librarian, interacts with a reader and helps solve the problem. To make the videos attractive, the readers depicted are all humorous and even non-human characters, including a pirate, an alien, a polar bear, and Sir Isaac Newton. Research has shown that humans are more likely to remember things that have a high “valence”, that is emotional impact, and this includes humorous and bizarre content. Therefore, these entertaining characters are not only fun to watch, but hopefully will also serve to enhance the instructional and informative value of our videos.   



All five videos can be watched on YouTube
and will also be used actively as part of library orientations. Depending on the success of this first series, the Library plans to produce more videos in the future. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
We would like to thank Dr. Ahmet Gürata, chair of COMD, for arranging the project, and especially Dr. Geneviève Appleton who supervised the students throughout the project and worked closely with librarians. The students, who prepared the scripts, acted in and shot the videos, were Gizem Akgülgil, Begum Bilgenoğlu, Serdar Bilici, Zeynep Engin, Ali Erel, Candan İşcan, Erdoğan Gök, Bedirhan Karakurluk, Ömer Kavuk, Can Koçak, Ali Pınarbaşı, Onur Saka, Serkan Sarper, Mertcan Semerci, and Alper Yıldırım. We are very grateful for their hard work and professionalism. The librarian actors are Pınar Apari, Evrim Ergin, Bilge Güler, Murat Mızrakcı, and Hande Ucartürk, and library security guard Cumhur Can. Additional support was provide by the Department of Performing Arts and also Coffee Break.