Bilkent University Library is committed to the safety of its readers and staff at all times. Consequently, we stage periodic fire drills to ensure that, in the case of a real fire or similar problems, we could evacuate the whole building quickly with no injury or loss of life. These drills are organized by the Security Office of Bilkent University and we are grateful to Mr Ahmet Özban and his staff for their hard work and dedication on these occasions.
On Wednesday 13 July 2011, at 9.30, we held the first unannounced drill. With a few exceptions, no one working in Main Library (students, librarians and members of other units) was informed in advance of the evacuation. Our plan was to identify any problems and mistakes in our procedure by making the experience as realistic as possible. To complete the scenario, the university’s fire engine arrived and a fire officer wearing protective clothing entered the library through a window, and one member of the library staff was carried out of the building on a stretcher, as if injured. We would like to thank the students who had to wait outside the Library for a short while and hope that their research was not disrupted too much!

Further evacuation drills will be held in the future. If  you  are working  in  the  Library and hear the alarm, please leave the building immediately but calmly, using one of the fire exits or the main door, and  congregate  in the official  meeting  spot between the library and the rectorate building.

To see more pictures of our drill, please go to our Flickr page here.