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Following collections of InteLex Past Masters Series database are on trial until 15 July 2016.


british1Following collections of British Online Archives database are on trial until 1 July 2016.

BBC Listener Research Department 1937-c.1950

BBC Handbooks, Annual Reports and Accounts, 1927-2001/2

CPLE_logo_2014_whiteComics Plus is on trial until 18 June 2016.

Comics Plus provides access to more than 16,000 comics and graphic novels. You can use the database by creating your own account.

methodsnow_logoMethodsNow is on trial until 15 June 2016.

MethodsNow is a module of the SciFinder database which is used for research and comparison in chemical analysis methods. SciFinder can be logged with the username and password. To register the SciFinder database you can visit this link: https://origin-scifinder.cas.org/registration/index.html?corpKey=99515D36X86F350ABX143B0B9847B286A260

Cochrane_Library_Logo_RGBCochrane Library  is on trial until 1 July 2016.

Cochrane Library provides access to bibliographic and full-text information based on proof in medicine. It includes databases below:

– Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR)

– Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL)

– Cochrane Methodology Register (CMR)

– Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE)

– Health Technology Assessment Database (HTA)

– NHS Economic Evaluation Database (EED)

– About The Cochrane Collaboration

ejournalGlobal E-Journal Library is on trial until 31 October 2016.

Global E-Journal Library provides access to journals in science, engineering, social sciences, arts, humanities and related subjects.

messoLOGOMiddle East Strategic Studies Online is on trial until 15 June 2016.

Middle East Strategic Studies Online provides access to research reports, conference proceedings, case studies, newspaper articles and policy briefs in Middle East studies published from 2007 to present.


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